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The Best Way To Fight An Occult War

I get this question alot how to protect ones self from magic. Also why does magic work on some people and not on others. THe real and most obvious answer is, magic works if yo believe it. Now many people say they do not believe in magic but then they believe in god. No No No, those people believe in magic as well they just unaware of it. So all because you are not aware of a car coming and crashing into you does not mean you will not get hit by the car, if you cross the street wrong. Magic is really thought power in a lower form. When we have god conscious, christ conscious, buddhahood whatever thought comes to our mind comes true. Where as when we are using our normal ego awareness(5% to 10% of our minds) we need to focus on something over and over again to bring it in the physical. THis is magic, magic is usually backed my mixing herbs(plant spirits) or animal sacrifices(animal spirits) and help from our ancestors. Yet in the end of the day magic is really thought power.
THe power of thought is just as powerful as money, wealth or social connects. THe real difference is this thought power or will power needs energy(a battery) to function. This is why magic is usually backed by mixing herbs, doing mantras(sound or word power), sacrifices, or sex rituals(stimulating serpent/sex power). Its all energy. In a way think of it like a radio channel. Different magical systems have different energy frequencies. When someone can lock in on your frequency they have a chance to defeat you. Why because after they key in own the energy frequency then it is just a battle of wills and who actually has more energy. See when someone cannot lock in on your energy frequency it doesnt matter if they are stronger(energy wise) they will have problems effecting you especially if they are not physically in your location.   Basically having an unreadable energy frequency gives you and extra layer of protection.
THis is why the matrix loves when you have a label. Kemetic, wicca, vodun, satanist, mason, hindu, even people who want to do you harm magic or occult wise, usually like to know what system you practice. THis is why Judaism, christnity, and islam is largely ineffective against the occult. Of course there are some Christians who use the christ energy and it effectively gets rid of so called demonic spells. This is because the person doing the christian ritual might be stronger(in terms of will or energy) then the person doing the magic spell. Yet the christian, muslim, or jew life could have been easier if their energy pattern in unreadable.
Yet some may ask does this mean i have to study different magical systems? In the long run yes but the danger of studying different magical systems especially at the same time is you end up not knowing any. The best thing to do is learn one at a time and then learn how to rise your energy via yogas, qi gong, or some other system that deals with energy. Fear is the real weapon that negative entities use in their occult wars with you. The question you need to ask yourself is why do you have fear? Fear feeds the negative forces(because they are vampires/parasites) they cannot generate their own energy.  So fear is when you stop receiving energy/information and you go on defensive mood. The best thing to do is become an energy junkie and get as much energy as you can.(right diet, relationships, spiritual systems that promote your potential not telling you to fear god). Once this happens the magical and spiritual systems that are meant for you will reveal themselves to you.

Reader Comments (1)

Nice break down of magic, never knew herbs was used bcoz of plant spirits. Interesting....
December 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLondon Soldier

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