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Omniversal info 101: Ultraviolets & Dimensional Categories


An ultraviolet is a light based being composed of a general combination of 7 frequencies or seven rays of manifestation (7 chakra rays) so think of them as all 7 colours combined to make pure white light. Ultraviolets are extremely powerful beings that can have access to universal powers such as controlling the laws of physics. The neteru (egyptian deities) are well known to be the gods of this universe with their power to keep order on the planet. They are actually the beings that manage our laws of physics on this side of the universe. The limaites another powerful race of ultraviolets control the other half of this universe and have different laws to the neteru

Ultraviolets are powerful but not omnipotent meaning they don't normally have omniversal power (with exception of shilna) there are some ultraviolets who are darker than their general ultraviolet folk meaning they were allot closer to the dark matter frequency than normal which inturn causes them to vibrate at a higher frequency and make them more powerful, beings like shilna and lucifer are a special kind of ultraviolets whom i like to call dark ultraviolets.



Dimensions are slipt up based on categories, for a long while the spiritual community has been on a limited view on dimensions only seeing material dimensions. They only saw 1-5 , they now recognize all 9 dimensions of the material universe. Material dimensions and universes are made up of matter and is the most dense and the most physical, of course higher material dimensions would have less density than the 3rd dimension. next would be mental dimensions , these are dimensions based on light, they contain far less density than material planes(dimensions) and these dimensions are now understood at least by few, the mainstream still vibrate mainly on material planes with an occasional introduction of the 12th dimension. 

Mental dimensions is the realm of ultraviolets , these are dimensions 10 to 18 , very high level beings live on these frequencies such as certain immortals who can create physical bodies at will. The choprans or mahvidyas exist on these planes as well. 

The dimensions that are newly being introduced to the planet or i should was this universe is Dark matter dimensions (dimensions 19 to 27) These are the frequencies on which only dark terrestrials exist, there dimensions are extremely hidden, thus amun was called the hidden one because that energy was not yet fully understood thus they are undecoded beings .It can be seen now as scienties still struggle to figure out what is dark matter really. If you are in question , dark matter is not only undecoded but it is the mother of all matter/ energy cause everything is an aspect of this primoridal material

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Reader Comments (2)

Good read, the 9 dimensions of material existence you discuss here happen to mirror with the Ancient Egyptian cosmology system of 9 bodies, this is quite the synonymous correlation, and not by coincidence. :) Thankyou for posting this.
August 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterYumi
May 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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