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It Is Time To Destroy Your Ego by Esrene

Many of you know what the ego is but do you know how to keep it balanced so that is does not disrupt your life by taking control?
It is advised to destroy your ego on a daily basis, as if given room to grow it will spiral out of control and sabotage your higher self’s cosmic plan. Destroying your ego may sound like a harsh and brutal task to perform, but when you understand how the ego works and know its traits you will realise it is crucial to do so. There are some who have never even considered attacking their ego and may even feel they don’t need to do this as they perceive it to be under control. Usually in most cases they are the very people who are living with an egoistical outlook on life but do not even realise it as they have bought into the illusion their ego has created for them. Once a person starts to address the fact their ego may be out of control or needs attention, they will soon learn to know when their ego is planning to hijack their ship. 
Those of you who have read the Ego Warrior, by Makalesi Rhodan will have a better idea as to how the ego can work with you if balanced and trained and how it can go against you if left to its own devices. When working with you the ego will pose as a body guard, a protector, which is exactly what you need. When behaving the ego is a gift, that gives you the opportunity to experience these lower realms through a different perspective. When out of control the ego can put you in dangerous situations as it is usually running off fear at this point and as you know fear shuts down your body from being able to absorb energy. Now most who understand that the ego is like a child only concerned about the here and now would not want their ego in the driver seat, but instead their higher self. There are ways to achieve this, but one must be dedicated and train their ego on a daily basis.
There are two deities who are able to assist you in destroying your ego, Kali and Durga. Kali and Durga are both the same goddess, however they are different forms. Kali is a more darker version of Durga, Kali has the power to destroy ego, but at full power she destroys universes, a very powerful goddess indeed. Durga also destroys egos but she is a more gentler version of Kali. Now both goddess can help you get your ego under control but both goddesses are not recommended for everyone. Many may be drawn to using Kali to attack their ego because she sounds very powerful, but that is not advised. If called upon and the person calling is not spiritually mature Kali may do more harm to that person than good, because when Kali is called to do a job she does not do it subtly. So if you are a person who has never before addresses your ego it is wise to start with Durga because Kali will not joke around and the effects may be too much for you to handle if you are not used to dealing with the higher forces. Durga will do it more tenderly, so it will be a gradual transformation, whereas Kali’s will be felt almost instantaneously. 
There are exceptions where someone who has not really practiced much spirituality before is able to use Kali because of their electrical output and their cosmic DNA. Your celestial reading should give you an indication to this but I still advise starting with Durga and working your way up, that way you are more prepared for the slaying of the ego. If you do start with Kali and her presence has you running, she is not going to be as optimistic about working with you in the future. So therefore you will have to put a lot of work in to prove yourself and get back into her good books. Starting with Durga has many benefits and eventually will lead you to working with Kali.
For those who plan to destroy their ego on a daily basis, I would suggest getting into a routine so it becomes second nature, maybe doing it in the morning so your ego is in check throughout the day. There are a few ways you will find can help with your ego, but one of the simplest ways to do so is saying the deities mantra a few times. If you find it difficult to pronounce their mantras you could listen to videos on youtube of someone else singing their mantras and over time you too can join in. For the creative individuals you could probably make your own video mantra for them that you play everyday and share with others, you could also add pictures to it of your own art work of the goddesses.

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Reader Comments (4)

I have to say… It’s so refreshing to see more women using their left side of their minds in collaboration with their intuitive nature. Many say this is the age of the return of the ‘goddess’ and I’m starting to see this is true. Great Article Esrene.

May 9, 2011 | Registered CommenterMakalesi
Great article Esrene welcome to the team. I really enjoyed this, you are a gifted writer
May 10, 2011 | Registered CommenterBurke
Thank you guys for the comments...they are much appreciated ;)
May 10, 2011 | Registered CommenterEsrene
Well Needed Article Esrene, Its Like U Have A Full Program/Package For The Novist To Get There Spirituality On. Imma Definately Take The Advice You Have Given. Goddess On The Rise Indeed.
May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLondon Soldier

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